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Technoriunite Srl was established on 1 October 2010 from the merger of two historic companies in the GranitiFiandre/Iris group, specialising in laying services: Ceramiche Riunite Srl, which has been on the market for over 20 years, and Technoposa Srl, established in 1999.

Technoriunite’s technicians carry out on-site inspections and audits to suggest the best methods of execution and prepare detailed projects that take into account every type of structure and different technical/aesthetic requirements.

Many years’ experience in the sector has meant that only the best installation teams trained by the company’s technical management have been selected for Technoriunite projects.
Technoriunite, which has always been sensitive to safety regulations, only uses installation teams that comply with the stringent regulations set out in Legislative Decree no. 81 of 2008 on health, environment and safety in the workplace.

Construction site safety

Within the turnkey service of the installation of ceramic floor and wall tiles, desulphurisation and cement subfloors offered by Technoriunite S.r.l., the Safety of Installation is not neglected. Through the figure of the Workplace Safety Attorney, the control and safety operations expressed in Legislative Decree 81/08 and Legislative Decree 106/09 and subsequent amendments and/or integrations are applied continuously and effectively. The Procuratore/Coordinatore per la Sicurezza (Attorney/Safety Coordinator) carries out controls both on site documentation, interfacing continuously with the Safety Coordinator during the execution phase of the site, and operating in the realisation of the POS and control of the documents indicated in Annex XVII and XV of Legislative Decree 81/08. Verification is carried out by means of an unannounced check on the chosen site, or by appointment agreed upon according to site requirements. The checks are aimed at detecting and eliminating any anomalies that could cause damage to property and persons, thus avoiding possible accidents at work by the workers entrusted with the laying work, verifying the working conditions, behaviour during the work phases, the provisional works present on the site, the equipment and all the individual and collective protection devices in use by the workers during laying. At the end of these operations, the Procurer/Coordinator then draws up the minutes and communications on the checks carried out, informing and keeping the site figures involved up-to-date in accordance with a normal activity of mutual information/collaboration.


Technoriunite Srl believes it is important to equip itself with a Quality Management System in accordance with UNI EN ISO 9001:2015, as per the certifications already obtained since 1999 and 2000 by the merged companies (former Technoposa Srl and former Ceramiche Riunite Srl), as a distinguishing mark against the competition and as a company sensitive to the satisfaction of its customers, capable of providing services in compliance with the requirements agreed upon at the signing of the contract. Similarly, Technoriunite Srl believes that, in order to compete also in the public works sector, it is important to have SOA certification, which has also been recognised for the merged company (former Technoposa Srl) since 2008. In fact, the entry into force of Presidential Decree 34/2000 painted new scenarios for companies operating in the public works sector, tying their participation in tenders for public works exceeding €150,000 to the possession of the ‘Qualification Certificate’, which is issued by special companies whose task is to ensure that the company actually meets the general, technical, organisational and economic-financial requirements necessary for the execution of public works, as provided for by the law. As of May 2011, Technoriunite has obtained SOA OS6 certification (for public works in construction up to EUR 5 million).


Technoriunite is committed to providing a final product of absolute quality and reliability, which allows the laying of floors to be legally guaranteed. As proof of this, a genuine guarantee certificate is issued, which the customer can keep and enforce in case of need. In addition, Technoriunite’s services are UNI EN ISO 9001:2015, SOA, IQNET certified, guaranteeing the excellence achieved.


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